10 Most Popular Digital Pianos | REVIEW | $500-$10,000 | 2020

10 Most Popular Digital Pianos | REVIEW | $500-$10,000 | 2020

10 Most Popular Digital Pianos / REVIEW / for 2020

10 Most Popular digital pianos | REVIEW | Under $1000 to $10,000 | under 2020 | This Review & Report has been researched by a professional team of piano teachers and musicians on the most popular digital pianos for 2020. This list of digital pianos is not determined by price range but it is determined by pure popularity based on our research and findings with actual digital piano owners. There are a lot of good digital pianos in the market and you could enjoy playing many of them. But there are certain digital pianos that just really “stand out” because they offer things other pianos around their price range just don’t offer that people consider to be important in making their buying decision. The list below is the Top 10 most popular “sellers” but there are other digital pianos that came close and we could add to the list to make it the 20 most popular digital pianos and we should have that review coming up soon. This “Top 10 list” of most popular digital pianos below is not in any particular order because they are all so different from each other so it is impossible to determine a ranking order…but they are definitely in the Top 10 in terms of popularity.

Kawai CA48 Digital Piano

– Kawai CA48 Digital Piano – $2099 price satin rosewood, $2199 satin black,- The CA48 has received a position in the “Top 10 Most Popular” list for one main reason…it’s key action. It is the only brand to have proprietary 12″ long wooden piano keys in its piano weighted/graded key action which is called “Grand Feel Compact.” Not only that, the keys are naturally more balanced and move more like a grand piano than any other brand or model in this general price range because of those special keys. All the other digital pianos out there under $3000 have piano key that are made of the standard plastic implex material and measure no more than 9″ long and many are 8″ long. The white key that is visible on all acoustic & digital pianos is actually 6″ in length but it’s the other part of that key length which is behind the visible key that is part of the entire key length. That is what I am talking about when I talk about a key measurement…it’s the entire key (what you can see and what you cannot see). In fact, when we played this model we found it to be the most life-like playing experience we have had on any furniture cabinet digital piano ever under $3000 and we can see why people love this model for that reason alone. The key action also has the most “fluid touch with regard to “touch” with a down-weight force measurement of just 59 grams whereas many other digital piano key actions are much heavier in touch/resistance especially when playing more lightly and softly and this can easily cause finger and hand fatigue and make it uncomfortable to play. Real full size 9′ acoustic concert grand pianos have a touch weight of about 55 grams (when measured on middle C) so the CA48 is almost identical. This is not true for most other digital piano key actions and in fact some have a whopping 90 grams of touch weight which is extreme and not enjoyable to play. The stereo acoustic piano sound sample, the pedaling, and the digital features of this model are also impressive for the price and the cabinet looks good too with its traditional furniture cabinet design and cabinet colors. With an incredible key action, convincing stereo sampled piano sound, 4 speaker, 40 watt internal sound system, and grand pedaling response along with the other features, at its low price this model definitely deserves to be in the Top 10 Most Popular List! Read more about this piano at our in-depth review of the Kawai CA48 located on our other review blog called AZ Piano Reviews. Click on the following link to go there and let us know what you think. Kawai CA48 Detailed Review

Kawai CA58 Digital Piano

– Kawai CA58 Digital Piano – $2999 price satin rosewood, $3099 satin black – We’re not trying to be repetitive but the next model up for Kawai theCA58 is in the “Top 10 Most Popular” list for one main reason again…it’s key action. It has that proprietary 12″ long wooden key key-action like in the CA48 but that is where the similarity stops. Everything else in the CA58 is dramatically upgraded and that’s why it costs about $1000 more than the CA48. The CA58 has Kawai’s top-of-the-line piano chip in it with noticeably more organic piano sound content in it for a more authentic stereo grand piano sound as compared to not only the CA48 but also to any other brand or model near or under $3000. The CA58 speaker system is 60 watts more than the CA48 along with 2 more amplifiers and bigger speakers. The digital functions and features inside the CA58 go far beyond the CA48 along with a much more intuitive large LCD user digital interface screen. Hundreds more features, nice cabinet, bigger sound system, a lot more connectivity for inputs and outputs for devices and external sound systems, and a very upgraded next generation stereo piano sound chip, the CA58 was a”shoe-in” on this Top 10 Most Popular list in terms of its popularity because not only does it have Kawai’s super impressive expressive Grand Feel Compact key action, it it has a much more authentic piano sound and so many very cool usable features. That’s why people like this piano so much and that fact no other brand offers all this for around $3000 or less. Take a look at our full review on our other site AZ Piano Reviews to read a detailed report on it. Kawai CA58 Review  


Casio PX-870 Digital Piano

– Casio PX-870 Digital Piano – $999 price matte black, walnut – The PX-870 is part of this list because its piano sound and key action is so amazing for its low price. Most digital pianos in this price range have fairly weak internal speaker system with somewhere between 12-16 watts of power going through 2 speakers. The Casio PX870 has 40 watts of power going through 4 speakers and the piano also includes a speaker projection system which allows the stereo piano sound to filter out the top of the piano giving you a multi-positional listening experience. The key action has triple -sensor electronics with 256-note polyphony power and the key action is weighted and graded more natural than any other other brands and models in this price range. Even the furniture cabinet is designed nicely but is compact enough to fit into small spaces. With audio wav file recording ability, USB flash drive playback capability, and a very cool proprietary app called “Chordana for Piano,” for $999 this piano has actually become the # most popular digital piano under $1000 out of all makes and models based on all the surveys we have taken and experience we have had with all of these digital pianos. It made the Top 10 list because no one else has anything like it in this price range. Read more about this Casio PX870 located on our other review blog called AZ Piano Reviews where we keep very in-depth reviews on a variety of digital pianos. Click on the following link to read more about it and let us know what you think. Casio PX870 Review


Yamaha CSP-170 Digital Piano

– Yamaha CSP-170 Digital Piano – $4699 price matte black, $5299 polished ebony – This model is in the “Top 10 Most Popular” list because it is the only fully technology driven digital piano that is nearly 100% operated by a proprietary app called Smart Pianist developed by Yamaha and Apple. This piano (along with its more basic brother the CSP150) is really at the cutting edge of digital piano technology and does things that no other digital piano can do regardless of brand and model. Hundreds of incredible functions and features all hidden within this app that you download from the iOS app store and it can connect and run the CSP170 from your iPad color touch screen in a very intuitive way using the iOS operating system. Impressive graphics and user functionality gives this piano the ability to do things that no other digital piano can touch. Apart from the app, the CSP170 is a stand-alone piano with big beautiful rich piano tone recorded in stereo from a Yamaha concert grand and a Bosendorfer concert grand from Vienna, Austria.  With its big and powerful internal sound system and the more advanced Yamaha wood-key key action in this model, this piano made it on the list because it’s really interactive in ways that allows you to make and learn music in ways you really can’t do on other digital pianos, it’s extremely popular, and many people have purchased one. For more info on this the CSP170 (and its more basic brother the CSP150), please go to the following link and read our in-depth review on our other web site called AZ Piano Reviews and let us know what you think after reading it. Yamaha CSP170 Review

Korg B2 Digital Piano

– Korg B2 Digital Piano – $499 price in matte black or matte white (with optional stand & triple pedal unit $599), is in this Top 10 Most Popular list because there is no other digital piano under $500 that comes close to the B2 portable digital piano with regard to authentic grand piano sound, key action response, pedaling sustain time, fullness of sound, and powerful internal speaker system. We have heard all of the digital pianos under $500 and they all sound and play like toys compared to the newer Korg B2. It’s simple to use, looks great, is lightweight and smaller at only 25 lbs of weight, easy to carry around, but is a piano monster. Korg is known for its pro line of stage digital pianos and keyboards and took some very expensive stage piano technology and put it in this very inexpensive model and made it sound and play so good with so much dynamic tonal range and expression that we thought there must be some kind of mistake in the price being $499 since this thing is easily a $700-$800 digital piano in any other brand and even then those other brands do not have this piano technology. The B2 has become so popular that it’s literally “flying off the shelves.” For  a very detailed review of this new piano please check out a full review that we have on this web site at the following link: Korg B2 Review 

Casio PX-S3000 Digital Piano

– Casio PX-S3000 Digital Piano – $799 price (furniture stand and triple pedal optional) – The most unique and exciting portable digital piano under $1000 ever created in our opinion and in the opinion of many others and people are clamoring all over this one to get it. This piano does many musical things in so many ways that it is really quite astounding. From being able to operate on 6 AA batteries and weighing in at just 25 lbs, it can be a piano, and band, and interactive recording studio, and full orchestra, a vintage electric piano, a pipe, rock, or jazz organ, a pro synth, classical guitar, or whatever you want it to be including having a pro drummer at your side who sounds like he has an expensive drum kit, the PXS does it all and with a new piano key action and stereo sound chip that is amazing in this price range considering all the other features it has. It also has a special proprietary app developed by Casio which is the Chordana for Piano app and with the PXS3000 this app is expanded to handle literally hundreds of features within the piano in a very intuitive and interactive way from your tablet color touch screen so it makes controlling the PXS3000 super fun and suoer easy. Also, for the first time in any portable digital piano there are no selector buttons on the control panel…only a flat surface with digital touch sensor buttons embedded in the control panel which cannot be seen when the power is off. In other words, it looks like the screen of an iPad or mobile phone in the sense that it is a flat shiny black surface when no powered on. Very elegant in appearance and has a 3D piano sound coming through its internal speakers when you play, the PXS3000 is another digital piano monster and is literally smoking its competition right now and Casio cannot get enough of them to satisfy demand. Check out our detailed review of this model at the following link that takes you to our other site AZ Piano News where we keep most of our detailed lengthy reviews: Casio PXS3000 Review

Yamaha NU1X Digital Piano

– Yamaha NU1X Digital Piano – $6599 price in polished ebony, $6899 polished white – The only fully hybrid upright digital piano built today out of any brands, the NU1X has made it to this list because essentially it is like playing one of Yamaha’s better acoustic upright pianos but without the limitations of a regular acoustic piano in having to tune it constantly, not being able to play it quietly, being a heavy cabinet and therefore difficult to move, not being able to connect to a home computer or tablet (iPad, Android) to connect with some great interactive piano educational apps, and not be able to directly record yourself from the piano while playing a piece. All of those things you cannot do on a regular acoustic piano and the good Yamaha acoustic upright pianos still cost thousands of dollars and then you’ll need to spend at least $100 a year keeping it in tune. With the NU1X you can connect to today’s technology in ways not possible in a regular pianos and yet be able to play and control your piano music just like you do on ana coustic pianos because the NU1X has a fully active key action taken directly out of one of its fine acoustic upright pianos and incorporated into the NU1X while using very advanced digital piano sound technology to replicate an actual grand piano sound in place of the regular upright piano sound you would otherwise get from a real upright piano. So essentially you get the best of both worlds…a full upright wood authentic key action movement couple with grand piano sounds and a playing experience like you have never experienced before in a digital piano within this price range. The price is not “cheap” but neither is the piano playing experience you will get out of it. There is so much more this NU1X can do so you should read our detailed review on other other web site AZ Piano Review and then let us know what you think. As with all digital pianos, we can help you purchase a new digital piano for a lot less money than internet or Amazon price including free shipping and no tax. Yamaha NU1X Review

Korg G1 Air Digital Piano Rosewood

– Korg G1 Air Digital Piano – $1599 price in matte black, rosewood, or white – Korg has always been known for their pro stage digital pianos and keyboards and musicians from around the world use Korg digital pianos on stage in big concert events. Korg is a well known Japanese music instrument company who has designing and producing cutting edge music products fro decades. I have also use Korg stage pianos professionally including their popular Korg Kronos as well as past Korg pianos and pro keyboards called Triton along with their original M1 which many bands still use today. The G1 Air home digital piano gets on this list because at just $1599 when you play this compact piano you’ll be amazed that it sounds like a huge baby grand piano. The G1 Air has a big 80 watt of power going through four separate amplifiers which powers four separate speakers with two of them being housed in a tunes speaker box chamber and positioned towards the player. The G1 Air has 3 distinct grand piano sound samples and when you play the response key action and hear those stereo piano sounds come through its powerful speaker system, the way it can make you feel is pretty amazing in that you get a sense you’re hearing a real baby grand piano with big bass response and lots of clarity in the treble range as well. The G1 Air is on this list because it’s relatively small & compact with a designer cabinet and focuses on mainly one thing…being the best digital piano available is at $1599, and Korg has certainly succeeded in this way and that’s why it got on this Top 10 list because people are buying it like crazy and no other brand has caught up yet within this price range. yes, you can spend more money to get an equivalent digital piano in terms of the piano sound but you’d need to be closer to $3000 to do that. Congratulations to Korg in making this list and doing with G1 Air at just $1599. To learn a lot more about this piano please read our detailed review at our other site where we keep more of our in depth reviews and then contact us more more info: Korg G1 Air Review

Roland GP609 Digital Grand Piano

– Roland GP609 Digital Grand Piano – Approx $9999 store discount price – The Roland company produces some very nice digital pianos and even though their other piano products have not reached this Top 10 Most Popular list, the GP609 5′ deep digital grand piano has made it to this list because it is the only digital grand piano out of all the brands and models that has a actual full size 5′ baby grand cabinet in a digital piano model. Not only does this piano look amazing, it sound great too and has a responsive key action movement. With lots of interactive digital features, 100’s of instrument sounds, recording functions, interactive apps, and other cool stuff it does, this model is really impressive mainly because it’s big, powerful, and it offers a piano playing experience in a large beautiful cabinet that no other digital piano brand is doing. Selling at less than approx $10,000 store discount price plus tax and shipping charge, there is no other digital piano like this and Roland has a very difficult time keeping them in stock and they are usually back-ordered because of their popularity. Our full review of the Roland pianos including the GP609 can be found at the following link at our other review site where it resides. Since it takes us many hours to write our “in depth detailed reviews of digital pianos, we don’t want to duplicate content here that we have over at our other site since we have had that site for a much longer period of time. Let us know what you think of the Roland GP609 and if you want more info once you had a change to digest the big Roland piano review we have. Roland GP606 Review

Samick SG500 Digital Grand Piano

– Samick SG500 Digital Grand Piano – $5299 store factory price in polished ebony, polished white, and polished red – There are so many people who want a nice looking baby grand cabinet in a digital piano at a lower price but at the same time people don’t necessarily want to compromise on quality to get one. That is a dilemma facing buyers out there because they can find some low quality, poorly performing digital baby grand sunder $3000 and under $2000 that seem nice on the outside but they don’t know if they are good on the inside in terms of playing like a piano. The old saying goes “you can’t get something for nothing” is true, and it’s true for digital baby grand pianos as well. It’s also not the size of the grand piano cabinet that necessarily accounts for a larger price but it’s also the quality of the parts and construction inside the piano. The Samick Grand Piano company has been around for well over 60 years and has built some very fine acoustic grand and upright pianos over the decades including a long line of digital grand pianos in the mini 4′ deep cabinets. The current 4′ deep model model is their best yet and made it into this 10 Most Popular list because it is the only digital baby grand that not only looks great and more authentic than all the rest, even brands and models at a higher price, but it’t the only digital baby grand that actually plays most like a real acoustic piano and also offering hundreds of very cool interactive features and functions which are easy to operate. With great looks, enjoyable piano sound, impressive, durable piano key action, and lots of cool features, this piano has found a place on this list because so many people have ordered them and love the experience. The other thing is that we are told that the Samick USA warehouse keeps running out of stock because these pianos are so popular so in other words, a SG500 can be difficult to get. On top of that the Samick company is doing a special “private sale” discount off the $5299 price for the upcoming holidays and the discount is quite large and it will include free shipping and no tax subject to availability. Like most of these digital pianos we also have access to that sale price and can provide more info to you. There is even a credit program for those people who need it. Please read our detailed review of this model and it’s smaller brother the SG120 at our other review site AZ Piano Reviews and then let us know if you want more info. Samick SG500 Review

Casio AP-650 Digital Piano

“Bonus Piano” – Casio AP-650 Digital Piano – $1899 price – The Casio AP-650 has been out a number of years and even though it has had a longer life than most of the other digital pianos here, it is still so popular that it also wound up on the Top 10. But since we already have 10 digital pianos on the list and the AP650 is such a great seller, we decided to give it a “bonus position” on the list and put it in anyway. Since the Popular Digital Pianos on this list are really NOT in a particular order because they all made the list for their own reasons, the Casio AP650 is also unique like the others. This is because the AP650 comes in a larger, very attractive furniture cabinet with a big internal sound system, nice playing responsive key action, 256-note polyphony stereo stereo sampled grand piano sound, and a huge array of interactive features and functions that no other digital piano has in this price range under $2000 down to $1000. This piano has 250 instrument sounds, 360 interactive accompaniment styles with drum patterns, a 16-track General MIDI digital recorder-player with USB flash drive storage, a wav file audio recorder-player, interactive “jam-session” training system that helps you learn to play by ear, an LCD display screen showing you info on the buttons you have selected, USB/MIDI connectivity, and the control panel is easy to see and centered in front of you above the keyboard.  The Casio AP650 has so much more in the way of educational and interactive digital features in a full attractive furniture cabinet than all other home digital pianos in this price range. Also, a person can just play pure piano on it without using all those other features so whatever music mood you are in the AP650 will likely be able to get you there and it does much more than we can talk about here. Go to our detailed review of this model on our other site AZ Piano Reviews and read more about it because it may just be the perfect piano for you. Casio AP650 Review

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