Our Mission – To Help You find the Perfect Piano!

Our Mission

We love helping everyone find that perfect digital piano for their musical needs and budget. But we especially love to see young people get involved with learning to play piano because the benefits for their lives last forever in some awesome ways. That”s why we (Tim & Erik) do what we do…it’s all in the name of music which allows you the freedom to express yourself in a way like nothing else can. Playing and listening to good music touches your mind, your heart, and your soul. We have first hand experience with this in our own lives and the lives of our families so we know how important this can be to many individuals and families as well as to the professionals who make music at schools, universities, recording studios, playing live gigs, events, and concerts. What would the world be like without music??…a very dreary place.

We don’t work for any manufacturer, don’t have a store or warehouse, don’t get paid for our content or reviews, don’t advertise on Amazon, and don’t get affiliate fees. Many review sites are either scams, regurgitated info already on the internet that won’t help you, or are “so-called” review sites that link everything to Amazon because it’s their goal just to get you to buy anything on Amazon regardless of whether it’s a good or bad piano so they can make affiliate commissions.

Our mission is to be sure you spend your money wisely on a new digital piano, get the instrument that fits your needs and musical goals, and be affordable for you. That is one of the main reasons why we do what we do…put in all this time and effort to bring you up-to-date info, digital piano reviews, and help you purchase a new piano for LESS MONEY than Amazon, internet prices, and/or local store prices. What makes us happy is when we are able to help families share in the musical happiness that we feel when we play the piano…it’s all about the sheer joy, pleasure, and expressing yourself through music!

*We also have this mission to support my Grandson Dylan, his Father Erik Praskins & his wife and family. Check out “Dylans Story” at the following link on our other review website and then you will know the other (and main) reason why we put in all this time and effort in giving free piano shopping and buying advice. “Dylan’s Story of Courage.”