Suggested Pianos for Senior Adults

Here are some examples of recommended new digital pianos for Senior Adults. Please take a look at the links below to read more about these pianos. We also have piano suggestions for kids, teens, & families, and adults at the following links: KIDS, TEENS & FAMILIESADULTS

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Kawai CA48 Digital Piano

The new Kawai model is a great digital piano if you are mainly focused on wanting the digital piano to look like a piano, play like a piano, sound like a piano, without many “bells & whistles,” and your budget is about $2000,

Kawai Digital Piano Review

Korg G1 Air Digital Piano

This current model home digital piano by the famous Korg Music Company packs a lot of punch in terms of a very impressive piano playing experience in a compact cabinet for its low price of $1599. We recommend it.

Korg Digital Piano Review

Casio AP-650 Digital Piano

The Casio AP650 home digital piano is impressive to look at, play, and hear. This is a great piano for seniors because not only does it offer a good piano playing experience, it also offers a lot of fun built-in options.

Casio Digital Piano Review

Yamaha CSP-170 Digital Piano

It’s difficult not to love the new Yamaha CSP170, and there’s a lot to really like about this model. At $4699 it’s in a higher price range but what you get will amaze you! There is nothing else like this model anywhere.

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano Review

Samick SG-500 Digital Grand

The Samick SG120 digital micro grand piano not only looks beautiful, it also plays great too. Beyond the fact that this model provides a satisfying piano playing experience, it does some very cool things to make it fun!

Digital Grand Piano Review

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES8 compact home digital piano has been popular for awhile, because for its size and lower cost of $1649, it has an amazing organic piano tone and touch that is far beyond just about anything else out there.

Kawai Digital Piano Review