Top 10 Digital Pianos | REVIEW | under $1000 to $11,000 | Update!

Top 10 Digital Pianos | REVIEW | under $1000 to $11,000 | Update!

Top 10 Digital Pianos / Under $1000 to $11,000

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos | REVIEW | under $1000 up to $11,000 | for 2020 | Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Casio, Kawai, Dexibell, and others | Lower prices here! We are entering a new decade and a new era for technology as digital piano memory chips will become smaller and even more powerful and there is no doubt that when new digital piano models appear in the months and years to come, they will be even more amazing than they already are. One of the more popular categories of digital pianos are those that are priced for less than $1000 since there are a number of families who want to keep their budgets low because their kids are just beginning lessons, they themselves (adults) are just beginning lessons, or the families simply do not have the budget to go above $1000 at the moment. However, for those people who have a budget that can take them into new digital pianos over $2000, over $3000, over $5000, over $10,000 and above, the top digital piano companies have new models that are so realistic you may not be able to tell the difference between a real acoustic piano and the new digital pianos in the higher price ranges. All of the major brands of digital pianos including Kawai, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Dexibell, Samick, Kurzweil, and others will have a few new models for 2020 which will either be models that offer small improvements over current models or they will be completely new in terms of piano playing technology in digital pianos. Bluetooth wireless technology will become more prominent in various models of digital pianos that don’t currently have that feature and there will also be some other innovative technologies that make it even more enjoyable to play music on a new digital piano. Below is an update on what the top digital piano companies will be doing in 2020.

How we choose the top 10 digital pianos!

Choosing the top 10 best digital pianos for 2020 is based on our personal playing experience with these current model pianos and our knowledge of what they are like as compared to real acoustic upright and grand pianos. For over 40 years I have played nearly every acoustic grand and upright piano out there including many pianos from Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Bechstein, Bluthner, Chickering, Young Chang, Samick, Baldwin, and many others.  We don’t really expect any digital piano to play exactly like the “real thing” but if they come close to them in various ways then that is what we look for. Balanced, properly weighted key action, natural piano sound realism, good pedaling response, robust internal speaker system, and a variety of useful digital features all from a reputable brand is what makes one digital piano stand out over another. Of course the cabinet design and finish can make a big difference for some piano shoppers so we also take that into consideration. There are “portable” digital pianos that obviously don’t have a more natural looking “furniture cabinet” because that is not what they we designed to do. But portables also have optional “furniture style” stands which you can add onto the portable digital piano to make them look more like “real pianos” and that aspect could help with your buying decision. Here is a list below of our “picks” for TOP 10 Best digital pianos under $1000 up to $11,000. These choices are in no particular order because they are so different from each other but they do stand out as the most popular digital pianos from 2019 and now in the year 2020. It’s good to be aware there are other amazing digital pianos that we like and are also good choices and we will have them listed in our TOP 20 list when that list comes out. Also please look below this TOP 10 list to see what’s going on with all the major brands of digital pianos for 2020.


Yamaha CSP-170 – Yamaha CLP-645 – Casio PX-870 – Casio PX-S3000 – Kawai CA48 – Kawai ES8 – Korg G1 Air – Roland GP609 digital grand – Samick SG500 digital grand – Casio AP-470. We have done reviews on all these models and you can find links to those reviews below so please keep reading.

Casio Digital Pianos

Casio Digital Pianos – Casio just introduced Bluetooth technology on 2 new low priced models called the PX-S1000 ($649) and the PX-S3000 ($849). These new models have, in my opinion, a more natural acoustic piano than many higher priced digital pianos from other brands. The natural organic content and sustain time quality of this new stereo piano sound is noticeably more realistic in the 2 new low end portable models than in the previous (current) high end home cabinet models. As far as the non-piano instrument sounds in the low priced PXS models such as strings, brass, woodwinds, guitars, etc, they are also getting much better and becoming more realistic due to improved memory chips and sampling process, so the new generation Casio digital pianos have more realistic instrument sounds, arranger styles, and other functionality. Casio also has a proprietary controller app called “Chordana” that allows you to control most or all of the piano functions from a tablet color touch screen instead of having to use the control panel on the piano which can be less intuitive to figure out and use. However, some of the Casio pianos offered right now cannot connect to this new app because the technology in the piano does not allow for it and the app is not backwards compatible. So next year we will likely see all new and improved Casio models be able to connect with that very cool app. For 2020 Casio is also likely to design new and improved key actions because the ones they have in most of their digital pianos can use a bit of improvement since they have been around for awhile and need a fresh upgrade to feel even more realistic. So we’ll likely see some improvements in that area. I see a very bright future ahead for Casio digital pianos as they will be extremely competitive, especially in the lower price ranges under $1000 and up to $2000. For more info on all the latest Casio digital pianos, please read our detailed review of their newest pianos at the following link: Casio Digital Pianos – Full Review

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Pianos – Yamaha is another top brand who will have some new digital pianos for 2020 even though they already came out with a bunch of new digital pianos for 2019. The latest model pianos that are currently available are the new Arius YDP-144, YDP-164, and YDP-S54 digital pianos. So we know those will not be changing anytime soon. Yamaha had an Arius model YDPV240 out for many years at $1999 but it is no longer available and has not actually been replaced yet. So it’s possible Yamaha may come out with an updated version of that model in 2020. The lower priced models P-120, P-125, DGX-660, and YDP-S34 have not been for too long yet so they will likely not be replaced, but the P-45 at $449 has been out a long time so I would not be surprised if that model received an update. The higher end portable digital pianos such as the newer P-515 and new CP73 and CP88 stage pianos have not been out very long at all so I don’t see any changes in that area although perhaps Yamaha will add a new lower priced higher quality stage piano in the $1000 price range but that’s yet to be seen. Overall, most of the Yamaha digital piano models are fairly new so I do not see many changes in 2020 for Yamaha digital pianos unless for some reason that Yamaha decides to update their Clavinova CLP line of pianos but those models aren’t that old either…unless there is some sort of secret digital piano technology that Yamaha has been working on that nobody expects!  I will say that the Yamaha Smart Pianist app for their CSP Clavinova models will perhaps be upgraded to a newer version to give it more flexibility and control with those CSP models and add new exciting features, so I would not be surprised at all if that happened. I will say that the Yamaha Smart Pianist app for their CSP Clavinova models will perhaps be upgraded to a newer version to give it more flexibility and control with those CSP models and add new exciting features so I would not be surprised at all if that happened. You never really know and that is entirely possible for their CLP Clavinova line, but since Yamaha is a relatively conservative and predictable company, we may not see any real surprises from them in 2020 and most or all of their current digital piano line-up including the brand new CVP-800 Clavinova interactive series of home digital pianos which is just coming now. For detailed reviews of Yamaha digital pianos under $1000, Yamaha Arius digital pianos from under $1000 to $2500, and the full line of Clavinova digital pianos from $2000 to beyond $15,000 please go to the following links to read our expert reviews: Yamaha digital pianos under $1000 for 2020, Yamaha Arius digital pianos for 2020, Yamaha Clavinova digital piano review for 2020

Roland Digital Pianos

Roland Digital Pianos – Roland is a well known music products company that for many years has been producing some very innovative keyboards and digital pianos. When it comes to home and pro digital pianos Roland is a brand that should definitely be considered when shopping for a new digital piano. In mid 2019 Roland came out with a brand new line of home digital pianos that includes 5 new models. 3 of these models called the LX series have a new piano sound chip and 2 of the models have a new piano style key action not available in previous models and in no other models of Roland pro or home digital pianos. Typically when Roland comes out with new functions or features in a few of their higher priced home digital pianos, then you can pretty much count on the fact that Roland will introduce a few of those things in other models. So it would seem pretty obvious to me that Roland would be refreshing some of their other digital pianos that have been out for awhile including the RD-2000, FP-90, RP & F series cabinet pianos with their new piano sound chips and key actions that have just come out in their furniture cabinet LX series. Also, Roland has had 2 digital grand pianos in a 3′ deep model and 5′ deep model that have the previous generation key action and piano sound chip. This means that their 2 new upright style cabinet pianos are actually better and more realistic “according the Roland” as compared to the more expensive baby grand pianos. Of course that does not make any sense to buy a slightly older higher priced digital “grand” piano that now has less capability in terms of the playability than a newer lower priced Roland vertical digital piano. So with that in mind I think it’s very fair to say that we’ll be seeing a change and upgrade in their “baby grand” shaped digital pianos to have these new features and functions in those models. In the meantime if you want the top of the line Roland baby grand shaped piano just know that their new top of the line and lower price upright digital piano is actually “better” than that one. But this scenario is typical for most digital pianos in that a few models may get new upgrades while other have to wait a bit longer due to how these factories work and at what point they produce their models. To learn more about the brand new Roland home cabinet digital pianos, go to the following links to read our updated reviews on these new models: Roland HP and LX Review  and also Roland Pianos for 2020

Kawai Digital Pianos

 Kawai Digital Pianos – Kawai is well known for their acoustic upright & grand pianos and have a big following around the world. They have a very popular line of digital pianos from $700 up to and past $10,000. They have come out with a few new models in 2019 and likely will make some changes and/or additions to their line for 2020, especially considering that a few of their current model digital pianos have been out for 3 years or longer. I look to see likely upgrades to the ES-110 portable model at some point ($699 price) as well as the ES8 portable model ($1649 price) perhaps later in the year 2020. Kawai just came out with a brand new model called the KDP-70 ($899 price) that is their new low end furniture cabinet digital piano. Although it’s a very good piano for its price, the ES-110 with optional stand and optional triple pedal is a “better bang for the buck” relative to what those pianos can do for about the same price. I also think that because Kawai just recently came out with a new wood key action digital piano in the CA48 ($2099) and CA58 ($2999) is is likely that Kawai will take this upgraded and well regarded wood (grand piano type) key action called the “Grand Feel Compact” and come out with a new portable digital piano around $2000 utilizing this very impressive key action along with new piano sound chip technology…that would be very cool. The MP7SE and MP11SE portable stage type digital pianos have been out for awhile but are still new enough that they may not see a change in 2020. Beyond that, it is likely that Kawai will upgrade their VPC1 controller RM3 wood key action piano with a new model that would likely include their more advanced and upgraded Grand Feel II wood key action which would be a major improvement. I would like to see that happen so we’ll see if it does in 2020. Kawai has a line of polished ebony CS digital pianos that seems like it will likely be upgraded given that the lower priced CA series has more advanced features as compared to the higher priced CS series…unless Kawai decides to discontinue the CS series altogether…which is always possible. Kawai for the first time recently came out with an all hybrid digital piano called the Novus NV-10 which has an actual Kawai acoustic grand piano key action in a digital piano and plays and feels like a real top of the line grand piano for a lot less money than an acoustic grand along with no tuning and all the great features that many top digital pianos have including a color touch screen for function navigation. Kawai is just introducing an “upright” Novus model for 2020 called NV-5 hybrid digital pianos and this piano is built on the same premise as the NV10 which is having a full size, fully operational Kawai traditional acoustic key action in a digital piano. Finally, Kawai has an older line of interactive digital pianos which are called the CP1, CP2, and CP3 with color touch display screens with hundreds of instrument sounds, interactive arranger styles, 16-track MIDI recording, and all kind of bell & whistles. The market for these types of pianos is getting smaller every year and Kawai just announced they have discontinued this series of pianos for 2020 and will not be coming out with replacements. For detailed info and a full review on all new Kawai digital pianos, please go to the following link to lean more and then let us know if you are interested in any of those models. Review of Kawai Digital Pianos for 2020

Korg digital pianos

Korg Digital Pianos – Korg pro and home music products company from Japan is well known through the world in making some very exciting and high quality pro keyboard, digital pianos, audio systems, guitar products, workstations, recording devices, and many other music products. Korg has been in the home and pro digital piano business for well over 40 years and pro players use them all the time. The Korg home furniture cabinet digital pianos have produced for over 35 years and are very impressive. Currently Korg has a lineup of portable and furniture cabinet digital pianos that include 9 models starting with the new B2 88-key portable digital piano at $499 discount price up to the Korg Grandstage (stage) digital piano at $2199. The most popular Korg digital pianos these days are the LP-380 ($1049), C1 Air ($1199), and G1 Air ($1749). The G1 Air is by far the most popular model for Korg because it combines an elegant compact cabinet design with a big beautiful grand piano sound coming through a very powerful speaker system and also utilizing an impressive higher end piano key action for the Korg company. I really see very few changes for Korg digital pianos in 2020 except for maybe an upgrade to the LP-380 because it has been out a long time as well as a possible upgraded to the less expensive SP-280 and LP-180 because those 2 models have been out for awhile…but it’s possible Korg may not make any changes to those models because they continue to sell well for the Korg company. However, I do see a real possibility for a new model added to the home piano line above the G1 Air, perhaps in the $2000 + price range in a more traditional full cabinet model incorporating some of the pro quality piano sounds and features from their higher priced pro stage piano series called Kronos. The Kronos stage pianos can go upwards to around $4000 in price and has some amazing piano technology in it. So if Korg wanted to they could take some of that amazing sound and feature technology from the Kronos stage pianos and put it into a larger more traditional piano cabinet and have it as a model that goes above the G1 Air in ability and in price, so I believe that is a distinct possibility considering how well the Korg company is already doing with their C1 Air & G1 Air pianos. If Korg does that then I believe they can easily rival and possibly surpass their much stronger rival Yamaha for dominance in that category…so we’ll have to wait and see.  For more detailed info on the latest Korg home and portable digital piano models with built-in speaker systems please go to the following link to read our expert review: Korg Digital Piano Review for 2020

Dexibell digital pianos

Dexibell Digital Pianos – Dexibell is a digital piano company that most people probably have not heard of. The Dexibell digital pianos are designed and produced entirely in Italy by a factory which is well known for manufacturing high quality music products along with an engineering team of people who have been in the digital piano industry in Europe for decades.  Dexibell is a digital piano company that most people probably have not heard of. The Dexibell digital pianos are designed and produced entirely in Italy by a team of experienced European digital piano designers in their factory which is well known for manufacturing high quality music products. The Dexibell pianos include both portable stage type pianos that are $2000 on up and home furniture cabinet digital pianos for $2000 on up. So generally speaking, Dexibell does not compete in the “under $2000” price range for “furniture cabinet” digital pianos primarily because their piano sound technology is so advanced beyond what the other digital pianos companies are currently doing that they focus on the higher priced technology and cabinets putting them in the higher piano price ranges. Although the current home furniture cabinet digital pianos models for Dexibell are popular and are doing well, they also have been out for a little awhile. So I do expect new models from this company at some point in 2020 as well as a baby grand version of their newest piano technology. Having a baby grand shaped piano would be pretty cool for the Dexibell company and I suspect it would have a contemporary looking cabinet design because of the fact that their current upright style home pianos are very contemporary in design, styling, and cabinet finishes. With new models, new cabinet designs, and even a small baby grand model in the line, the Dexibell company would be a force to be reckoned with relative to the name brands that more people know about. The Dexibell company has been making reliable product with factory support and they include a full 5 year factory warranty on their new digital pianos with in-home service.

Digital Pianos Under $1000 for 2020

TOP 10 Digital Pianos under $1000 and up to $10,000 for 2020 – When it comes to the Top 10 best digital pianos UNDER $1000 there are some very special models out there which qualify to be in this category in my opinion. Right now it would appear that the Casio company would have the top 3 digital pianos under $1000 which include the PX-870 ($999, already mentioned earlier), PX-S3000 ($849, already mentioned earlier), and PX-S1000 ($649). Yamaha would also be included in this top 10 list under $1000 with two models called the P-125 ($649) and DGX-660 ($799). Kawai would have 1 model under $1000 on this list called the ES110 ($699). Roland has 2 models in this list called the  FP-30 ($699) and RP-102 ($999). Korg would also have 2 models in this price range called the B2 ($499) and the LP-380 ($1099 price). Since the LP-380 is only $99 over the $1000 list then I included it in this category because it is so good and close enough to $1000. Most of these pianos I have reviewed already but there are a few that I am still working on and will have published in the near future…so stay tuned for those reviews. You can contact me directly to ask questions of any of these models as I have played them all! Go to the following link to read our detailed review on the Top 5 Digital Pianos for 2020 under $1000

Top 10 digital pianos over $1000 to $11,000

Other digital pianos we like above $1000 up to $11,000 would include the following models: Kawai CA58 ($2999), Korg C1 Air ($1399), Casio AP-650 ($1899), Kawai CA78 ($3999), Roland HP704 ($2999 regular store price), Yamaha CLP-665GP ($5499), Kawai CA98 ($5399), Dexibell H7 ($3999),  ($4699), Samick SG120 digital grand ($4399), Yamaha NU1X hybrid ($7,499), Yamaha CLP-695GP digital grand ($7,499), Yamaha N1X AvantGrand hybrid ($8999), Roland GP607 digital grand ($7299 store price), and Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid ($10,999 store price). I have done reviews on all these pianos so you can check them out on this site. You can contact me directly to ask questions of any of these models as I have played them all!

Do not buy a Piano Shaped Object!

There are other digital piano companies out there most of which produce what I call “PSO’s” which stands for “piano shaped objects.” Don’t buy an “off-brand” piano shaped object just because it looks good and has a low price because you can’t always believe that what you see on the outside actually reflects what is on the inside. Some of these brands include Artesia, Suzuki, Williams, Kurzweil, and a few others and based on my experience with them over many years they will either play poorly and/or sound very artificial, and/or will give you service problem nightmares. When it comes to furniture cabinet or portable home digital pianos that can also be used for churches, schools, and other venues, be careful that you invest your hard earned money in the better brands…you will be glad you did. I will have more updated info for the 2020 pianos once they are announced or come out. If you have questions about any of these digital pianos or want to find out how to buy one for quite a bit less money than the Amazon/internet discount price, please contact us directly and we can show you how you can do this including free shipping, no tax, brand new, with full factory warranty anywhere in the continental USA.

Lower price than Amazon or Internet


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